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    Lessons from the Kitchen

    One of my favorite things about our new house (besides everything!) is the luxury of having a nice big open kitchen. I LOVE to cook, and bake, and get creative with food. The washing and chopping is a Meditation. The interplay of textures and flavors is Alchemy. The successes are glorious, and failures? Often quite spectacular. Life lessons abound. Sometimes, still, though not nearly as often as when I first started cooking as a young girl- my culinary disasters are so embarrassing that I cry and rage and sulk, angrily dumping the mess in the trash with SUCH scorn for…

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    The Burden of Father’s Day

    It’s Father’s Day here in the US, and along with days like this that celebrate a parent can often come mixed emotions and some weird feelings. Especially if your father has passed on. Especially if you never knew your father. Especially if your relationship with the man was/is strained, challenging, complicated. Even if your relationship is/was awesome. If you had/have a less than perfect relationship with your father, you might be tempted to brush this off as any other day. If you are missing your father due to death or disease or physical distance, you might be tempted to stuff…

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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 2 DEAR PAIN

    Loves, up next in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my body, I have a word with Pain: “Dear Pain, Thank You for teaching me to listen to my body. Please forgive me for ignoring you and trying to numb you away. I am listening now. I love you.” Pain is just another wise teacher that we encounter throughout this Life. Often misunderstood, manipulated, feared, even hated- but ever valuable to our brief experience on this planet. Take the time to follow your pain to its root, deep in the soul, and ask, “What would you have me learn?…

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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 1- DEAR BODY

    Loves, do you struggle with pain and/or a lack of love for the body you are living in? I have been studying the powerful and positive effects of self-love & self-acceptance for the past several years. One practice that has been so helpful to me is spending some time each day sending Love and Affirmations to my self, and the revealing & healing that takes place has been truly remarkable. Here is a gentle meditation for/prayer to my body that I would like to share with you: “Dear Body, Thank You for carrying me through this Life. Forgive me for…

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    Believe: A Meditation of Positivity

    Believe in yourself, in your goodness, in your kindness, in your big, scary dreams & desires. Believe in your vision for yourself, and for a better world, a better day, a better tomorrow. Believe in your purpose and your value and your incredible worth. Believe in your magic and your ability to get back up & learn from your mistakes. Believe that every heartbeat is a prayer and every breath is an answer. Believe that you are Loved, and believe that you ARE Love, you are Light, you are Life. 💖🦋 #theblessingsbutterfly #empowermentcoach #believeinyourself #believe #soulhealing #positivity #empowerment #light #life…

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    #MondayMantra Ready!

    Today’s mantra is a positive affirmation and powerful reminder that we are ready for the next experience, the next adventure, the next lesson, the next step, whenever it is presented to us.  Even when we feel unprepared. Even when we feel nervous. Even when we feel afraid. Why? Because even when we “fail” at that next whatever, we are still learning, still growing, still awakening to the discovery of who we are and the strength within. That is where the healing happens. That is what we are ready for! Mantra: Yes, I am Ready for This!