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A Look Inside Your Walls

BUILDING YOUR BEST LIFE: At the beginning of the weekend, my fiancé and I had our “open wall” walkthrough of the new house. This is the home as it looked on Friday morning, just prior to the next round of inspections. We met with our GC/Foreman and did a literal walk-through of the property, while the expert told us everything we could ever want to know about it. We were encouraged to ask questions, and found it fascinating to learn not only about the specific materials used, but why the builder is so particular about what goes into each home. It was a good feeling to be able to see behind the scenes and know that we are getting exactly what we want, without corners being cut or important steps being hidden. Fascinating! (No, really!)

So of course, it got me thinking: When we are building our own best life ever, how important is it to pause and check in with ourselves as the Master & Creator of our reality? How powerful is it for us to inspect our own internal “construction project” and see specifically What we are putting in, & Why it matters?

I love to help my clients see that we build the home that our souls live in every day, with every choice. It all matters. And you know what? You really do deserve to imagine, create, & build your own best life.

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#MondayMantra I am Safe to Embrace Every Season of Life

Life is not linear, but rather it is cyclical. We observe in nature the changing seasons and experience the same. The new growth. The shining fullness. The gentle shedding. The silent slumber.

Sometimes, experiencing these seasons in our lives and the lives of our loved ones comes as a transition that we may feel unprepared for; fear and sadness may suddenly overtake us in these moments of our growing pains, of our great expansion, of our letting go, of our final rest. But with faith and practice, we need not fear the changes in Life. We can completely feel them.

Our ultimate goal as eternal beings filled with stardust and the magic of creation is to live this Life fully, ever evolving, ever embracing each new stage and level of our existence. Our vehicles may change form, but our pure-love essence exists forever. 💖🦋

Today’s #MondayMantra is a gentle reminder: “I am safe to embrace every season of Life.” Are you entering into a new season of Life that has you feeling stuck? Schedule a free chat with me and let’s talk about how I can help you to move forward with confidence and joy.

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#MondayMantra I am Delighted by Life!

You deserve more than to “just get through it.” You deserve so much more than a mere existence. You deserve to live fully, embracing each day and savoring all that is before you.

There is a Fire inside you- deep, eternal, and longing to burn with delight.  If you’ve spend the last little while keeping that flame low, give yourself permission to fan it, stoke it, and be Delighted by Life!
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#MondayMantra In Full Color 

It’s hard to imagine a time when technology only allowed for broadcasting images in black & white.  Like Dorothy waking up in the Land of Oz, a wonderful and magical place where anything is possible, so too can we explore what it means to follow our heart’s desire and discover some amazing things along the way: Courage, Wisdom, and Love.

How strange then is it when we choose to hide our true colors and live a muted, toned down, restricted life?  How much more empowered would we be to face our fears and follow our hearts anyway?

Today, I want you to try this mantra as you take off the filters and live a more authentic life: “I will live today in full color.”

#MondayMantra: I Love My Life 

In this special Liberty Edition (it is Independence Day here in the US) it seems fitting to me to focus once again on gratitude. I am more than grateful, actually. I love my life and I want more & more of it! 

I want to enjoy and feel and dream, explore and create and love. And the magical thing is this: the happier I am with who I am, the more I truly enjoy where I’m at in life.   

I’m grateful for where I am and despite any disappointment or pain, I Love My Life!

What is the Goal?

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This year is the year I’m focusing on transformation in my life. I’m looking to create something BIG though. Something deep.

I want to go wayyyyyy beyond “lose ___ pounds blah blah blah” and instead pave a way for people of all body types -including my own- to be empowered, to feel loved, to discover their strength & true beauty.

I’m not trying to be skinny again.

I’m not trying to look like a supermodel or a Victoria’s Secret ad.

I actually love my body as it is, but I really want to FEEL better in it. Have more flexibility, less pain.  Increase my strength & endurance.  Not have a panic attack when an occasion calls for a fancy dress.

I’m not even remotely interested in starting another gym membership because, sorry, I hate the gym. Always have, and I’m okay with that.

And damn it, I love to eat actual food. I’m all for eating clean and making healthy food choices, but there’s no damn way I’m going to give up things like flavor, texture, variety, chewing…

I KNOW there is a way. I KNOW what I am going to do. And I AM going to celebrate every minute of the journey!  Stay tuned for an opportunity to join me!

The Twenty-Second Blessing: Seeing Beauty

Blessing #22: I See Beauty All Around Me

If I look for Beauty in the obvious places, I will find it. If I look for Beauty in unconventional places, still I will find it.

There is Beauty in the natural world. There is Beauty in the human-made world. Life in all of its magnificent diversity has offered us more beauty than we can observe in one lifetime. The Universe and all that is within it, so vast and far beyond our limited comprehension, has offered us more beauty than we can observe in a thousand lifetimes. Yet so often we skip right past the most beautiful things, moments, and people in our lives and focus our attention on what needs to be fixed, cleaned, or corrected. When we do this, we miss the blessing of seeing the beauty all around us and appreciating it, acknowledging it, and connecting to it ever so briefly.

Today I will look for the Beauty all around me, and I will find it. 

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