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Craving Good Things & The Thing About Emotional Eating

I was recently visiting with my dear friend Susan, chatting about what we are both up to and chewing on big ideas. I was enjoying a finely crafted unsweetened green tea latte, and we were remarking about how much we actually want to eat healthy foods now (with the exception of delicious, occasional French Fries, obvi)  when something she said struck me like a bolt of lightning: “Bodies don’t crave junk food, emotions do.”

Isn’t that just the absolute truth? Think about it- when you are depressed, sad, upset, angry, lonely- what do you reach for for comfort? A stiff drink or two or ten?  A pint of ice cream?  Anything edible that you can shove in your mouth in excess?  Damn. 

It’s not just the “negative” emotions that can cause us to turn to food & drink for comfort.  Do you like to celebrate good times, come on, with an over-the-top elegant meal, fine wine or Champagne? Maybe a round or two or ten of beers or martinis?  Or maybe you “treat” yourself to donuts, cupcakes, an extra slice of pie?  Damn (again)- So Busted!

Bodies don’t crave junk food, emotions do.

Before you think I’ve suddenly become a boring, tight-ass killjoy here to lecture you that what you’re eating is “bad”  and “wrong” and that I am basically better than you, well, you don’t have to worry.  I’m not better than you, and I will absolutely still enjoy sweets, Fries, and adult beverages.  I will still savor the pleasure of delicious tastes on my tongue and the smell of baked goods in my girly nostrils.  I will shamelessly eat that slice of homemade pie at the family Thanksgiving dinner and have mimosas at Christmas breakfast. Here’s the thing, though- knowledge is power, and now that I have the power to make better decisions for operating MY body, you can be sure that moving forward, I will pay more attention to what I eat and why I’m eating it.

Our bodies require GOOD things that can properly fuel and sustain us, like plenty of rest, nutritious foods, daily movement, mental stimulation, love, joy, and security.  When we are not providing these essentials for ourselves, everything inside starts to go off the rails- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our bodily systems get out of whack, and we are actively, albeit unconsciously, putting them in a continuous panicked state of trying to adapt and adjust.  Our immune systems become weakened.  Our mental focus wanes.  We become snappy, irritable, stressed, and downright unpleasant. The longer we deprive our bodies of what they need, the more dysfunctional they inevitably become.

So, can we really fix ourselves with food? Yes, and no.  Our bodies are so much more than what we eat and what we drink; they are also what we think, what we feel, how we see ourselves and the world around us, what we dream about and what we fantasize about.  We are complex and magnificent.  We are more than sum of our parts, more than our individual experiences, more than our mistakes and victories. Eating healthier and in such a way as to support our bodies is an important key, and maybe it’s the first one that we can pick up and actually start using right away; but we must also be willing to pick up the remaining keys in order to fully enjoy our optimum health- mind, body, and soul. It really does take a holistic approach to treat the whole person.

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