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#FridayFeels Majestic Journey

It’s Friday, and I’m in Norway. (Norway! I am still giddy saying that.) I’ve been able to travel around the world, always awestruck by the incredible sights and natural wonders. This tour of the fjords, though- I haven’t been able to wrap my head around how utterly, stunningly beautiful it is. 

As we were sailing into Geiranger yesterday flanked by mile high granite cliffs topped with snow and accented by 5000 ft waterfalls, I was completely overcome with emotion and drops of pure gratitude fell from my eyes in the stillness of the great fjord. This place is what the words breathtaking, awesome, and majestic were created to capture- and even these don’t do it justice. 

View from atop Alesund, Norway

Wherever you may find yourself in this amazing world today, please remind yourself to pause and look around. Give thanks, and enjoy the Majesty of your life’s journey.