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Mindset Shifts and Deep Healing

Being a mindset coach can seem like a frivolous and fluffy profession; a joke, a sham, a hoax. Kind of like when I tell people that I’m a writer and they respond incredulously with, “You can make a living doing that?” After the stinging slap to my face has dissipated, I smile and say as sweetly as I can muster, “Yes, and I am grateful for the opportunity to use my gifts in this way.”

But it isn’t easy. The lessons I am learning about myself and the battles I continue to face in struggling with my own inner critic, my demons, or my shadow self, are incredibly painful at times. Healing is messy. And sometimes pretty scary- but always, ultimately, worth it.

And this is where mindset work comes in, opening the door with a shiny, gold-embossed invitation to step into your mess and do the deeper work of inner healing. To dig out the shit that has been shoved waaaayyyy back inside your closet, take a good look at it, remember why you kept it, and finally fucking deal with it.
It is not enough to simply say, “Change your mindset!” and expect that is all that needs to happen. Oh Honey, no. It’s a critical piece for healing, an important piece, but definitely not the only piece. All the mantras and positive affirmations in the world cannot substitute for doing the inner work. 

One of the mindset areas where I am working on now (always?) is self love and worthiness. Let me just tell you, it’s hard. I will be moving forward for months, gaining ground, peeling away layers and layers of old pain and revealing beautiful parts of my deepest self, when seemingly out of nowhere I stumble and hit HARD into a stubborn box of self-loathing. I’m shocked by the angry, ugly words and feelings of fear and shame that lie festering in that box. I will do most anything to avoid opening it, and I would rather lock it up and hide it far back into a dark corner, maybe throw a box of shiny ornaments on top of it to help me forget it’s even there at all.

But it’s not going anywhere, is it. NOPE. And there is nobody who can take the lid off and sort through it’s dusty contents except for me. Even though it is totally up to me to decide when and where and how much I am ready to address my issues and begin healing those old inner wounds, I know that I do not have to do it alone. Neither do you! This is where we get to assemble our own team of super heroes:  therapists, energy healers, prayer warriors, and life coaches who specialize in the areas where we need help. These professionals are gifted and ready to help us to uncover whatever is blocking us, and then guide us to be our very best self. Equipped. Enlightened. Empowered!

I will begin working with my own coach in the next couple of weeks, and I’m excited for it! Will there be hard things to process along the way? Ummm, yeah! For sure. Good things are on the other side of that though, and will ultimately make me a better coach too. I hope to share some of my best lessons with you.

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