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#FridayFeels: Rise Above

Yesterday I had the honor of being interviewed* for the new Do It Scared podcast. The premise of the show, hosted by Danielle Schnakenberg and Liza Wilde, is to showcase all of the scary shit we choose to do in our lives; stuff that makes us feel alive, vulnerable, powerful- stuff that pushes us to become better versions of ourselves.

As I was preparing for what I wanted to talk about, I was frankly blown away by all of the (not literal) fires I’ve jumped into over the years.  I was struck by how much I’ve changed and grown and evolved with each successive encounter of facing my fears, and how each iteration of self becomes something I could have only dreamed of before. Click here to read my “How I Became The Blessings Butterfly” series  How equally terrifying and exciting it is to become a new creation!

This magical and magnificent power to transform is within each and every one of us.  It is in me, and it is in you.  Reach deep, beautiful soul, and take one more step into your greatness.  Try it on, take it for a walk.  Burn away & shake off the old, tattered clothing of a former self.  Discard the chains & boundaries that no longer suit you, that want to keep you silent, that seek to make you small.  This world is hurting and NEEDS you to be your greatest self.  You owe it to yourself to Rise Above it all!

*Scheduled to air on 10/27/16