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#MondayMantra I Am A Dreamer of Beautiful Dreams 

You are a dreamer of beautiful dreams!

The dreams that live in your heart are no joke. They chose you specifically, and are worth following.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t make sense to anyone else; they aren’t supposed to, because they are meant for you.  They are a glittering gift, perfectly designed to ignite your deepest passions and fill you with unmatchable delight.

Your dreams, if you decide to follow them, will challenge and shape and fulfill you in ways you could not imagine!  Do not think for a minute that they won’t.

That dream inside you today, that vision that makes your heart beat a little bit faster and takes your breath away, that beautiful place in your perfect soul… It’s calling out to you, Love, and wants to dance wildly with you, spin you, dip you, and wrap you up in a perfect embrace.
Follow your beautiful dreams! ❤️

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Photo Courtesy of Michael Powell Photography