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My Word of the Year: Elevate

Happy New Year, Loves! My word of the year choice for 2017 is “Elevate” and I’m incredibly excited for it. Like, Damn!

My intention for the year moving forward is to elevate women and girls around the world, starting with myself.  I will shine a halo around our achievements, and highlight opportunities for more. I will choose to elevate the conversation and lift each other up in a world that tries to tear us down. I will pick myself up and hold my strong hand out for you, too. 

I will gravitate towards those who are also intent on uplifting, path-lighting, and empowering one another. I have seen how valuable a community of strong women can be to elevate all of us, and I want to be in it. For myself. For you. For all of us!

I don’t just want to ride the elevator to the top floor, I want to BE the elevator! 

JOIN ME on social media by using the hashtag #elevate2017 when you share your victories and those of your she-roes. Let’s lift each other and rise up higher than ever before! 

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