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Practice Graceful Self Love for the Holidays

Whatever “Thanksgiving” means to you, whatever feelings, emotions, memories it brings up, however you celebrate the year end holidays or don’t… I invite you to spend some quiet time nurturing yourself and your soul. 

Remind yourself that you matter, despite how anyone around you may try to make you feel otherwise.❤️

Treat your body to a good stretch, lots of rest, and gentle movement such as a nice walk to ease pain & discomfort.👍🏿

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry because you deserve Joy and a life of Celebration.

If you have especially challenging family dynamics to sit through, remind yourself that people are just people and are bringing their own shit to the table. Be your best self, and give yourself full permission to gracefully leave whenever you want to. It’s OK. 💜

I’m thankful for you, and I’m sending you  lots of Love today. 
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