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Step Into the Fire (Pt. 1)

Today I did something way out of my comfort zone that I’ve envisioned doing for a while, but had been too scared to attempt. 

It was one of those things that I really wanted to do, but kept talking myself out of by mentally postponing it. “I’ll do that when I have more time/lose some weight/am stronger/blah blah blah.” You ever play that game with yourself? The one where fear wins and desire loses? Yeah. That game sucks!

Anyway- in my role as an empowerment expert, I am all about encouraging people to keep reaching for their big dreams by taking small steps forward. Being a little risky. Taking a leap.  Trusting yourself.  So how could I possibly keep holding myself back from just trying this one thing? 

Deep breath. Heart pounding. I had to go for it! I enlisted the help and skills of a trusted friend, we set a date, and I just freaking went for it.  

And OMG it was totally awesome!  

I’m exhilarated from the whole experience, and so glad that I stepped into the fire today. Because the truth is, if we don’t go through the fire, we can’t burn off the old beliefs that hold us down. 

So… What was my thing? More importantly- what is your thing?

Next Week: Step Into the Fire, Part 2