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    Treat Yourself! Caring For Yourself While Caring For One Another

    Weekends are sacred in our home, a time for resting, relaxing, and restoring our bodies & souls. We take care of one another, just as much as we take care of ourselves. Sometimes that looks like tucking ourselves away, and sometimes it looks like yesterday did. Yesterday was a gorgeous, get outside, enjoy some fresh air & sunshine, get a little bit spoiled kind of day. Both are necessary. We visited our favorite fancy restaurant- the place where we were engaged- which has recently reopened with modifications to protect the health guests and staff. Then, we made our way down…

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    I March in Love

    I’m excited and honored to take part in the Women’s March Los Angeles this Saturday, a sister march in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington.   The event in our nation’s capitol is expected to have nearly a quarter MILLION participants. There are sister marches scheduled to take place in hundreds upon hundreds of cities across the country, so you can also take part and use your voice to demonstrate Unity and Equality for ALL.   I march for Women’s Empowerment worldwide. I march against Patriarchy and I march for Equality. I march for Peace. I march for Compassion,…

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    #FridayFeels Kind & Compassionate

    My Friday thoughts:  Kindness and Compassion are choices I can make every day. I know that I’m an optimist and an idealist; people have been telling me so my whole life, as though in pointing out the obvious I will somehow change. But why? Who would benefit from my being less than who I am? I want to live in a world where kindness matters. I want to be around people who are quick to show compassion for others and who model goodness regularly. We’ve all seen enough of people being awful to each other. We’re well aware of what…

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    #FridayFeels : Compassion

    Election years have a way of revealing some very deeply seated ugliness in a nation and its people. Candidates seeks the lowest common denominator to garner votes, and their most rabid supporters seem to lose their humanity, becoming angry robots fueled by hate & fear. In contrast: I pray for peace daily. I call on a spirit of kindness, caring, and love to fall on me. I open my heart for compassion, because I cannot bear the weight of existing in this world without it.    

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    The Thirty-First Blessing: I am Complete

    Blessing #31: I Am Complete In launching The Blessings Butterfly, I initially set out to write a simple book of affirmations, meditations, blessings and encouragements that would express to the people I love the most just how much they mean to me. I chose words and thoughts and themes that would empower the handful of people I had hoped would read it. Beautifully, in the process, I came to discover a new sense of love and acceptance and joy and freedom within myself. The blessings became circular, as they poured out of my heart and flowed over me and came…

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    The Fifteenth Blessing: Compassion

    Blessing #15: I am Compassionate When we choose to be more compassionate to the suffering of others, we do much more than acknowledge their pain; we act in such a way as to help alleviate their suffering. Compassion goes beyond feelings of pity. Compassion elicits an active response. It may be as simple as giving a donation to charity, or as hands-on as a heroic act of rescue.  Between those two extremes are a million ways to express compassionate action. Empathy is similar to Compassion, but they are not the same things. Empathy is the emotional response that allows us…