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    When “Love & Light” Is Not Enough: What I Learn From Times of Conflict

    It’s been a really weird week. The theme I see recurring in my life over the past week or so is one of being in direct conflict with others. Not everyone, but certainly a very vocal few. These button-pushing battles have brought up some unpleasant emotions in me, including annoyance, frustration, and disgust. Anger and Indignation came along for the ride. A profound sense of sadness has shown up, but also a crystal clear resolve to press on has made her steel-hard, calming presence known. Oh, and then there’s the goddesses (more on them later). I haven’t felt this way…

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    Believe: A Meditation of Positivity

    Believe in yourself, in your goodness, in your kindness, in your big, scary dreams & desires. Believe in your vision for yourself, and for a better world, a better day, a better tomorrow. Believe in your purpose and your value and your incredible worth. Believe in your magic and your ability to get back up & learn from your mistakes. Believe that every heartbeat is a prayer and every breath is an answer. Believe that you are Loved, and believe that you ARE Love, you are Light, you are Life. 💖🦋 #theblessingsbutterfly #empowermentcoach #believeinyourself #believe #soulhealing #positivity #empowerment #light #life…

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    Finding the Light in a Time of Loss

    Loss, you are indeed one painful Teacher. Never once have you given me a life lesson that didn’t hurt in greater or lesser degrees and send shock waves to my very core, drawing cleansing tears from deep within my being. Not. Once. And this, I believe, is something that connects all life on some higher level, though we may fight like hell to avoid experiencing it. It’s not one of the Fun Feelings, but Loss does hold vital lessons for us whenever we are ready to see them- lessons that are only won the hard way. Lessons like strength, perseverance,…

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    #FridayFeels Shine

    You are a Light, so that others can see: Love Beauty  Courage  Strength  Peace  Kindness  Grace Compassion  Gratitude  Equality Do not be afraid to shine! The darkness is only broken by Light. Would you like to join my private email list? It’s where I share awesomeness with my tribe of wild & beautiful butterfly souls.  

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    My parents [rest in peace <3] always reminded me that I’m a Dreamer.  Sometimes it was said as a compliment, but not usually.  I didn’t care, because I always knew it to be true and never saw it as a negative quality. I think it’s part of my magic. In the wake of the most recent acts of terrorism and the following waves of hatred, fear, intolerance and increased ethnocentrism around the globe- I have to Dream. I have to Dream of a better world. I have to Dream of people from all walks of life, just living day by…