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Finding the Light in a Time of Loss

Loss, you are indeed one painful Teacher. Never once have you given me a life lesson that didn’t hurt in greater or lesser degrees and send shock waves to my very core, drawing cleansing tears from deep within my being. Not. Once.

And this, I believe, is something that connects all life on some higher level, though we may fight like hell to avoid experiencing it. It’s not one of the Fun Feelings, but Loss does hold vital lessons for us whenever we are ready to see them- lessons that are only won the hard way. Lessons like strength, perseverance, and resilience and lessons like vulnerability, solidarity and acceptance. We can support one another in times of grief because we know intimately what Loss feels like. We can hold one another up and offer Love and Light and Prayers and Comfort in times of sorrow because we share the bond that only dances with Loss can bring.

I see you, friends who have lost your bestie. I see you, parents who have lost your children, and children who have buried your parents. I see you, lovers who have lost your twin flame. I see your tears when you say goodbye to a beloved pet. I see you, workers who have been laid off, die hard fans when your team lets you down, dream chasers who dream has died, brokenhearted and disappointed when a relationship that once brought sweet joy has turned sour, and I will rally to your side and send you so much Love in your time of pain.

If you are feeling the pain of Loss today, please know that it is okay to grieve, in your own way and in your own time, though it may look messy and uncomfortable. You may not see it while you are in the middle of it, but please trust that on the other side of the pain that is Loss, there is healing.