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#MondayMantra I Am Not Afraid to Use My Voice

Too often, we go through life being shushed, silenced, squelched or shut out of the conversation, unseen and unheard. This is not OK. Today I want you to know that your voice matters. What you have to say and contribute, matters. Your questions matter. Your opinions and perspectives, they matter. 

By bravely using your voice and speaking out, speaking up, and speaking for, you have the ability to bring balance and clarity and truth to the surface. You wield the power that shapes destiny, writes history, and heals the world simply by using your voice, so don’t waste another minute thinking that you are too small or insignificant to affect change. Practice speaking your Truth, even in the face of resistance.

The weight of that responsibility can be heavy, so use this powerful mantra to build up your strength: “I am not afraid to use my voice.”