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#FridayFeels Shutting Down (in a good way)

I could blame Mercury. I might call it Murphy’s Law. I could get pissed off and focus on all of the things that didn’t happen they way I expected them to. I could wear a bad mood like a badge of honor, dripping with sarcasm and bristling with angerrrrrr. But, NOPE. There’s a better way.

All of those are options, but instead I’m going to take a break and get centered again. I’m going to get quiet and listen to the still, small voice inside that speaks Love and Truth. I’m going to laugh out LOUD at the ridiculousness of the signs that have popped up in my life this week, all of which are pointing me back to a place of rest and peace and self-healing. You can get annoyed at the signs, or you can read them. Hell, you can do both! So, which signs are you ignoring and what do you need to pay more attention to?

I might still give Mercury the side eye, though. 


Solstice Love Fest: Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life!

Happy Solstice, Loves!
Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is the first day of summer, and being a Southern California girl, for me that means pure magic and l-o-v-e. ❤️

The warmer weather naturally makes me want to wear fewer (and lighter) clothes. Bare arms! Fluttery skirts! Swimwear! Booty shorts! …Okay, that last one stays indoors and only  in front of the cats and/or the boyfriend.

Now, I realize this is easier wished for than done when you are dealing with body image issues- something until recently I struggled with most of my life.

I’ve done the work of going from a place of self-sabotage, harsh criticism and daily tears to a place of gratitude, acceptance and self-love and it’s made all the difference. The keys for me were surrounding myself with kind, generous people (my tribe!) and developing a practice of daily positive affirmations. I literally had to re-write my internal dialogue and give myself permission to feel GOOD about myself. Magic! 

These are the affirmations I wrote to turn my own way of thinking into my strength: The Blessings Butterfly and The Blessings Butterfly Companion Guide.  To continue with my mission of loving and lifting up others, I am donating a portion of the proceeds from every copy sold to women’s empowerment projects around the world.  I’d love for you to order yours today and help me spread the love! ❤️


top photo courtesy Michael Powell Photography

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Where is Your Strength?

People often ask me how I “stay so strong” during the challenging times in my life. For those I’ve shared my story with (or even just some of the grisly parts), they are amazed at my strength and positive attitude. I love hearing that! What kills me though is when the conversation turns to their own strength and I hear something like this: “I’m not that strong,” or “I could never do that.”

Yes, you are that strong.

Yes, you can do that- and more!

In the Get Through Shit Department, I’m literally no stronger or weaker than anyone else. I have exactly the same amount of will and push and drive and desire as every other human. I have my good days, my bad days, my great days and my shitastic days, just like you!

Whoever you are, wherever you’re at, and whatever you are going through at this time in your life: You’ve Got This.  Dig deep, summon your inner-superhero and do whatever you need to in order to make it through your current set of challenges. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again.  If you don’t hear it from anyone else, hear it now from me: I Believe in YOU!


Photo courtesy of the talented Michael Powell Photography