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Beautiful Weirdo

Once I realized that I am not just “weird” but that in fact I am a Beautiful Weirdo, well honey everything else just fell into place around me.

I stopped trying to be anyone other than my own self, in all of my wonderful weirdness, because THAT is my special sauce.

I own my sky-high optimism, and my self-searching shadowy moments of fear & doubt. I shit rainbows and hold space for people in my faerie dust, covered in golden Light and wrapped in unstoppable, unbreakable Love. I believe in believing in you, in me, and in our own immeasurable power to create positive change within and all around us, no matter how hard or challenging the path forward may be.

So cheers to you, my Friend, if in reading this you might see a glimpse of yourself, too. You can totally sit at my table. Know that you are not alone. Know that you are allowed to shine your bright, beautiful, Weirdo light.

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The Best Idea is to Let You Shine All the Way Through

Hey Loves! Happy August. 🌞

If you’re anything like me, you might be someone who gets turned on by allllllll of the fun ideas that come to you on any given day.

You might even decide to frantically follow a couple of them, like a cat follows a laser dot. You might chase after one of those ideas until you collapse in a heap, tail twitching, unable to quite catch the dang dot.

You might gather 2 or 3 of the biggest, shiniest, brightest ideas and set them up on a shelf or wall in front of you, always within view but also out of reach. The progress that you could be making on bringing them to life is stifled by allllll of the other new ideas, laser dots, and day-to-day life stuff. “I’ll get to it,” “I’m working on it,” “I’ve just got so much going on right now…” Sound familiar? OMG ME TOO.

Remember Love, you get to choose what you want to work on, what you spend your time on, and where your energy goes. Every. Single. Day.

If you’re beating yourself up over this, don’t! Instead, I invite you to pause… breathe… and get very, lovingly, deeply real with yourself instead. Ask: Who am I, really? What do I really want to do with my life? How can I best show up today? Where can I be of service?

Your answers will lead you past all of the bright, shiny ideas competing for your attention and straight to the real You. 💖🦋

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#MondayMantra I Allow Myself to Shine 

Are you letting your sparkly soul to shine through today? This world needs your brightest light!

Today’s mantra is a powerful collection of I Am statements and culminates in allowing:

  • I am Strong
  • I am Smart
  • I am Brave
  • I am Bright
  • I Allow Myself to Shine

#FridayFeels Shine

You are a Light, so that others can see:

  • Love
  • Beauty 
  • Courage 
  • Strength 
  • Peace 
  • Kindness 
  • Grace
  • Compassion 
  • Gratitude 
  • Equality

Do not be afraid to shine! The darkness is only broken by Light.

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#FridayFeels: Be the Light

In a world that seems to be going crazy, now more than ever we need to shine a bright light of hope.

Hope for better days. Hope for peaceful resolutions. Hope for justice. Hope for goodness, civility, and understanding to be valued and upheld. 

With Hope, we can become the Hero that our childhood self needed, and still needs today. With Hope, we can overcome the ugliest evils of hatred, ignorance and apathy by bringing them to light. With Hope, we can rise up in Love and Light and Strength that shines brightly.  

Remember this: Darkness is only overcome by Light. Today, be the Light!