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A Look Inside Your Walls

BUILDING YOUR BEST LIFE: At the beginning of the weekend, my fiancé and I had our “open wall” walkthrough of the new house. This is the home as it looked on Friday morning, just prior to the next round of inspections. We met with our GC/Foreman and did a literal walk-through of the property, while the expert told us everything we could ever want to know about it. We were encouraged to ask questions, and found it fascinating to learn not only about the specific materials used, but why the builder is so particular about what goes into each home. It was a good feeling to be able to see behind the scenes and know that we are getting exactly what we want, without corners being cut or important steps being hidden. Fascinating! (No, really!)

So of course, it got me thinking: When we are building our own best life ever, how important is it to pause and check in with ourselves as the Master & Creator of our reality? How powerful is it for us to inspect our own internal “construction project” and see specifically What we are putting in, & Why it matters?

I love to help my clients see that we build the home that our souls live in every day, with every choice. It all matters. And you know what? You really do deserve to imagine, create, & build your own best life.

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Lay Your Foundation

And this, Loves, is my new favorite spot in all the world.

This is what all of my hard work, sweat, tears, broken moments, lean years, struggle, surrender, heartaches, healing, rebuilding, inner work, learning to trust again, learning to Love again, joy, desire, positivity, ambition, goal setting, ideas, blessings, and magic is manifesting.

Join me for the journey over the next 6 months as my new home is built from this lot of dirt up. There are SO MANY life lessons to share!

Progress: Foundation has been poured, concrete is set. Framing is on schedule to begin this week. Impossibly blue sky, courtesy of Mother Nature.

We have been visiting our new home site every couple of weeks, just to revel in the excitement of it all. We take measurements in the model and geek out together over paint chips, flooring options, and dreamy furnishings. We visualize where artwork will be placed and wonder if we can DIY the wainscoting. It’s wonderful and ridiculous and so, so magical.

The Magic: More often than not, one of us will be caught staring at the other with love-filled eyes, like real life heart eyed emojis, and without fail one will say to the other, “Thank you for loving me so much.” 😍 👉 This is my Dream life, being lived out in real time. I am doing the work that I love, I am stretching myself and expanding a little more with each new opportunity, I am loving with my whole heart and receiving the same. I am deeply, genuinely Happy. I am bouncing back from my dark moments instead of spiraling down into an endless pit. I am shining my brightest light in order to really see, accept, and yes even learn to Love my darkness. This is what it feels like to be whole. 💖🦋

Here’s the life lesson: I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t taken my first steps of reaching out for help. I wouldn’t be anywhere if I hadn’t asked for, and tried for a do-over. After going through hard times and lived trauma, you can rebuild your life. You can learn to embrace your shadow even as you shine your Light. You can create a strong, new foundation for yourself that allows you to love yourself radically, shift your perception of who and what you really are, and live your life beautifully. It takes work, and a support team, and guts to let go of those who don’t care about hurting you- but you are worth it and it is more than possible. You are already a survivor, you can also be a thriver! 💖🦋

If you think you may be ready to begin laying a new foundation for your life, don’t wait- start today. Use the free resources that are available to you. Take the first steps, even if they are teeny tiny ones. Reach out for coaching, I am available and would be honored to help you. Grab a free consultation call with me, let’s see how we can work together. There’s always a way.

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#MondayMantra I Welcome a Life of Abundance

Today, I invite you to shift your mindset to one that more readily welcomes abundance.

This powerful mantra starts with a fun visualization practice: Begin to picture yourself on a golden path laid out before you. Surround your path with rich, vivid colors: flowers and trees, a lovely stream, beautiful birds singing, gorgeous rainbows in the sky. Engage all of your senses. Notice, there are no blocks or barriers along this path, it is simply open before you. Now feel a sense of peace & ease as you move along your path.  

Mantra: I welcome a life of abundance!

#FridayFeels: Wealth & Gratitude

I recently shared this in a group on Facebook called Wealth, Worth, & Wisdom started by my cousin, Nicole Lewis-Keeber You can read more about her on one of my recent “Friday Faves” interviews here.

Anyway, I shared the following story with her group as encouragement and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

I would love to share something wonderfully abundant, if you’ll indulge me.

I’ve been practicing small gratitudes whenever a tiny bit of extra or unexpected money comes my way. Literally as small as a found penny! “Thank You! This makes me happy. I welcome more, please!”

It’s been a shift in mindset that has taken me out of scarcity, fearfulness, and greediness and into a much more relaxed and beautiful place. That alone is priceless!

In the past year, the financial blessings have ranged from shiny pennies on my path to literally thousands of dollars in earned interest. Business deals, fun money winnings at the casino, and even totally unexpected refunds. It doesn’t matter how big or small the amount is- my response is still the same: “Thank You! This makes me happy. I welcome more, please!”

Magic words? Maybe- but more likely, it’s the change of mind that has made the biggest difference.

Thanks for listening- sending you all Love ❤️

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The Twenty-Eighth Blessing: Wealth

Blessing #28: I am Wealthy

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” ― Ayn Rand

Wealth is commonly described as the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions.  But what does it really mean to be wealthy? Can you have wealth in some areas but not in others and still be considered wealthy? Are you wealthy enough, and do you- or can you- know it when you are?

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” ― Epictetus

In my travels I have had the great fortune to meet and interact with some of the most beautiful, amazing and joyful people around the world. Some of these people are very rich, some are living well below the poverty line, and I have learned lessons from both. I’ve spent time sharing in the lives of people who lack much in material wealth or opportunity, but who are abundant in love, kindness, generosity, and faith. Likewise, I’ve spent time with people who have considerable wealth, but who lack warmth, kindness, or concern for the lives of others. To me, true wealth is maintaining a balanced combination of the two: financial abundance and a prosperity of love and care for the world around us.

To be completely honest, I’ve always had an unfair prejudice against “rich people” and I believe that had a lot to do with shaping my relationship to money. I never wanted to be someone whose wealth messed up my happiness, or shook my sense or contentment. I didn’t want to become someone who valued money and possessions more than people, and I didn’t want to have people around me who were only looking for handouts or a free ride. I can look back and see the pattern of create, accumulate, deplete repeated many times over the years.

I have spent the majority of my life at a certain level financially- usually having just enough to take care of my needs, a little extra to indulge some of my wants, and a bit more to share with those in dire need. I have learned how to create wealth for myself financially, but until recently never seemed to be able to trust myself to amass great quantities of it and keep creating itI finally decided to change my mind about the way I look at money and truly welcome wealth into my life, and it has made all the difference. 

One of my favorite mantras: I have everything I need, and there is nothing that I am lacking. If I ever need or want to have more of anything, I already have the tools I need to make it so.

“When you are able to shift your inner awareness to how you can serve others, and when you make this the central focus of your life, you will then be in a position to know true miracles in your progress toward prosperity.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

There are some wonderful money-mindset coaches who are skilled at helping ordinary people like me to discover their “roadblocks” to wealth, including Nicole Lewis-Keeber and Denise Duffield-Thomas. Both of these ladies are experts in their fields, and have been tremendously important to my personal growth and financial success.

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