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    My Word of the Year: Elevate

    Happy New Year, Loves! My word of the year choice for 2017 is “Elevate” and I’m incredibly excited for it. Like, Damn! My intention for the year moving forward is to elevate women and girls around the world, starting with myself.  I will shine a halo around our achievements, and highlight opportunities for more. I will choose to elevate the conversation and lift each other up in a world that tries to tear us down. I will pick myself up and hold my strong hand out for you, too.  I will gravitate towards those who are also intent on uplifting,…

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    #FridayFeels Shine

    You are a Light, so that others can see: Love Beauty  Courage  Strength  Peace  Kindness  Grace Compassion  Gratitude  Equality Do not be afraid to shine! The darkness is only broken by Light. Would you like to join my private email list? It’s where I share awesomeness with my tribe of wild & beautiful butterfly souls.  

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    Endings & Beginnings

    Tomorrow is the new moon, and with it comes the energy & symbolism of ending & beginning. As we draw near to the end of another calendar year, there is no better time to pause, observe our place, and prepare for the next phase. You have access to every eternal truth woven within your own beautiful soul! Loves, I encourage you to take some time today to reflect on where you are in the cycle of change. Observe. Honor your place, without judgement.   There is a continuous series of beginnings and endings for every life. Though there is often…

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    #MondayMantra I Am Lucky!

    Have you ever noticed how some people just continually complain about things going wrong for them, or how they never win anything, or if it wasn’t for bad luck they would have no luck at all?  Is that you? This is a great mantra to start changing your mindset from negative to positive.  Create an attraction to more of the good things (little ones and big ones!) by practicing this simple phrase, and let the universe begin to fulfill your declaration: I Am Lucky!  Would you like to join my private email list? It’s where I share awesomeness with my…

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    #FridayFeels No Complaints 

    I’m so thankful for the life I live!  It’s been a long and winding path so far, filled with lots of painful experiences and unexpected blessings. I’m choosing gratitude and savoring this life each and every day! (Days like this make it pretty easy.) Would you like to join my private email list? It’s where I share awesomeness with my tribe of wild & beautiful butterfly souls.

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    #MondayMantra I Am Creating A Beautiful Life

    Mantra: I Am Creating A Beautiful Life The work that we do each day to actively, intentionally shift our mindset from negative, doom-and-gloom, worst case scenario to a more positive, bright-and-shiny, best possible outcome is powerful and scientifically proven to create new neural pathways in our brains. It is true that what we think about and focus our attention on is what shapes our reality, and by being open to the possibility of good things happening in our lives we literally create space in our minds for positive energy to grow! Though we may not be able to control external…

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    Practice Graceful Self Love for the Holidays

    Whatever “Thanksgiving” means to you, whatever feelings, emotions, memories it brings up, however you celebrate the year end holidays or don’t… I invite you to spend some quiet time nurturing yourself and your soul.  Remind yourself that you matter, despite how anyone around you may try to make you feel otherwise.❤️ Treat your body to a good stretch, lots of rest, and gentle movement such as a nice walk to ease pain & discomfort.👍🏿 Eat, Drink, and Be Merry because you deserve Joy and a life of Celebration. If you have especially challenging family dynamics to sit through, remind yourself…

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    #MondayMantra Is This What Love Looks Like?

    Today’s Monday Mantra is a question instead of an affirmation or a statement. It’s the most important question you can ask yourself: Is this what Love looks like? Because we are created from Love, fueled by Love, and searching our whole lives to connect with Love, it’s the single most important truth to live out each and every day.  It’s the most important question to ask ourselves whenever there is doubt about our thoughts, our actions, or choices- or following the actions of others. Is this what Love looks like? Live Love. Show Love. Demonstrate Love. Speak Love. Support Love.…

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    Proud Mama Moment

    Y’all, I just love my son so damn much! In 29 years he’s never really asked for “stuff” for birthdays or Christmas gifts. Maybe it’s because we were SO POOR and scraping to get by for so many years. Maybe it’s because he’s just a beautiful human despite all the odds stacked against him. All I know is, he’s hella hard to shop for and I couldn’t be more proud: I love you, Joe! ❤️ Would you like to join my private email list? It’s where I share awesomeness with my tribe of wild & beautiful butterfly souls.  

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    #FridayFaves : Tapping, Money, and Mindset Awesomeness with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

    I’m SUPER STOKED to share about someone who has almost always been a part of my life, but through the magic of Facebook we connected as adults and realized that we have an even deeper bond than just our family ties.  My interview today is with my beautiful, brilliant and amazing cousin, Nicole Lewis-Keeber.  YAY!  She and I grew up on opposite coasts and only saw each other very sporadically as kids, on the few occasions our family was able to travel from Southern California back to my father’s roots in North Carolina.   Here’s a snapshot of Nicole and the…