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#FridayFeels Live Your Dream Life

How do I know that I’m living the Dream?

When I’m sitting in my cozy home office, recording a Sparkle Hour podcast episode with my beloved cousin and one of our hot shit dream guests, and I suddenly get a surprise drop in from my son… delivering me a gift of Venti deliciousness and $$!

I have a million more reasons to be grateful and tons of evidence that I’m living my dream life, and I want that for you, too. Big wins + little luxuries, joy + ecstasy, mind-blowing wonder + everyday eternal wisdom. Life abundantly lived. You, shining. 💖🦋

Reach out to me today to schedule your free chat and let’s get you on the road to living the life of your dreams. I would love to be a guide for you on your journey. 1:1 coaching packages are currently available.

#FridayFeels So Chill

This vacation week has been the perfect balance of Business + Pleasure, Friends + Lovers, Activities + Relaxing.

2 more days here in beautiful #Charlotte #NC to enjoy her summer thunderstorms, southern hospitality, fireflies, sweet tea, BBQ… and long, lazy mornings sleeping in late and cuddling with my sweetheart. 

I’m thankful for the life I get to live, and grateful for my many opportunities and amazing experiences. I recognize that I would not be where I am today if I had not followed my heart and taken my leaps of faith along the way, even as scary and reckless as they may have seemed. I will keep following my heart, reaching for my dreams, and enjoying my journey through this magical life.

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#FridayFeels New Moon Intentions + Summer Solstice

As we enter this New Moon and a new season following the recent Solstice, You may have felt a little bombarded by what felt like competing energies these past couple of days (or weeks, if you’re extra sensitive like me!). Take some time today to get grounded- yoga outside, meditation near the water, a soulful walk under the trees, or a date simply stargazing- and remember that you are not at the mercy of the Universe; no, Love, You are a partnership!

Do the inner work of your soul-healing each day, and let this mantra be a part of your work: “Release the Past, Face Forward and Embrace Today.”

If you’d like, use the New Moon energy of today and tomorrow to set some fresh intentions that support your health mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’ve got this! 

#FridayFeels Feel to Heal

Happy Friday! The past couple weeks have been filled with intense lessons and some powerful growth. 

Learning to lean in to your hard feelings and listen for their message can lead you to some important soul-healing. 

This is Positivity in action, not just masking the pain with a smile and hiding from the hurts. Love YOU. 💖🦋 

#FridayFeels Enough Already 

Yesterday I shared a Facebook Live video in which I called BS on the multi-billion dollar diet & beauty industries. I see it Year-round, but most prominently just before summer: SHAPE UP. LOSE WEIGHT. LOOK YOUNGER. It’s the bombardment of media messaging that you aren’t good enough and need to be fixed. 
And that, my friends, is bullshit.

Diet doesn’t mean starving yourself, and exercise should always bless and support your body, not punish it. Food is meant for our enjoyment and pleasure as well as for our fuel. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and. It’s the reason why Nature has supplied us with such a wide variety of tastes and textures and why master chefs, bakers & home cooks alike use their creativity to make good food so appealing. 
Creating balance and joy in our lives is so much easier when we release ourselves from the lie that our bodies are only perfect if they have no fat, and the lie that fat bodies are ugly bodies. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes naturally, and deserve to be celebrated as the magnificent temples of the soul that they are. To perpetuate the lie to our daughters and sons that their bodies aren’t good enough? That is not okay. 

Now, to be clear, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, feel your best, be happy in your body and comfortable in your own skin. I mean, I love having my monthly facials, and I always feel better after moving my body, and I like the way my face looks with my brows accented and a nice cat-eye. A perfect red lipstick? Love it. Makeup and beauty creams (cruelty free ones, please) can be great for a boost of confidence, and should be enjoyed to enhance your natural beauty. But when we become so conditioned as to refuse to be seen barefaced? To believe that we are just too ugly in our natural state? To buy into the lie that the size of our bellies and thighs determines whether or not we can wear a swimsuit if we damn well want to? That’s bullshit. I enjoy my “maintenance days” and love to feel pretty, but I’m finally clear on the fact that I don’t need those external things to be beautiful. And neither do you! You are already enough! 

#FridayFeels Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem = Seize the Day

Today is what you have. Today!

You have an amazing day in front of you, what will you do with it? How will you spend your precious time, who will you tell that you love them, how many people will be blessed by your smile? 

What challenges will you rise to, where will you shine? Which dragon will you slay, which demon will you stare down? Who gets to see your victory dance? How many times will you LAUGH. OUT. LOUD.

Today, Darling, TODAY is the day that you have, so for the love of all that is holy, Carpe the shit of this Diem!

#FridayFeels New!

I love the energy shift in the first few days following a full moon. It’s as though there’s a collective release of negative thoughts and emotions and after getting a big hug from the universe, it is easier to set your sights on the possibilities ahead. 

Set your intentions now for what you want to create, open up to, or reveal in the weeks to come, and get ready to embrace the start of something new!

#FridayFeels Explore & Expand!

Bags packed, checked in, cleared security, and got a front row seat to watch our ride pull in to the gate. Traveling the world has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I drink up each and every experience. I love it! There is always another place to explore, a new horizon to expand. 

Today I’m setting off for a new adventure- Norway! Whaaaat?!


Live the Life You Love! Explore & Expand, Embrace & Enrich… DO the things that excite you, that fulfill you, that scare you, that challenge you. 

Oh, and about that Big, Scary Dream that you are afraid to take the next steps on? Let me coach you towards it. Premium Level Coaching with The Blessings Butterfly 

Hottie Silhouette

#FridayFeels Ready For Relaxing

Oh man, I sure do love how Friday feels! Even when I have work or other projects lined up for the weekend, something about a Friday afternoon just feels so relaxing and inviting. 

Ease yourself into the slower pace that weekends can bring. Plan a special mini-adventure of tea sipping, window shopping, flower smelling, beach bumming, star gazing or whatever you especially enjoy that takes you away from the daily grind for a couple of hours. Relax, you deserve it!

#FridayFeels Bittersweet 



Safety Nets/The Great Unknown 

Jobs end. Addresses change. Relationships shift. Lives evolve. We know that the only constant in Life is change, and even when we see it coming and look forward with great anticipation, still it feels like a shock to the system when the status quo we have known for so long is no longer so. Bittersweet.

Today, if you are experiencing a great change of direction on your own path, know that you are not alone. Feel all of your feelings, don’t avoid them. Roll and flow with them, ride them like the mighty waves that they are, let them wash over you and cleanse you. Soak in the full experience of Goodbye, of Hello, of Ending, of Beginning. Recall that you’ve been here before, at this exact place of What’s Next and I Don’t Know, and that you figured it out just fine before. How you choose to move forward from here is up to you: Graceful swan dive, or Cannonball? Tiptoe, Waltz, or SMASH THROUGH WALL LIKE HEY KOOL-AID? 

It’s OK, Darling. You have all that you need to take the next step, Love, so jump in. Your entrance through the newly opened door can be as elegant and grand as you choose, so make a splash or send a ripple. You’ve got this.