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    Take Your Power Back

    By Sarah Marie Liddle, Guest Contributor Your power is not something you force externally, or obtain, it is not reliant on anything or anyone. While you can still surround yourself with things you derive happiness from, it is important to draw yourself home to your intangible inner world. Your worth and power should not be found in things, people or experiences. Do not sacrifice your real power in search of the powerless illusions of the ego.  Where have you given your power over to someone or something outside of yourself? The universe gives you specific circumstances and people to learn…

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    I March in Love

    I’m excited and honored to take part in the Women’s March Los Angeles this Saturday, a sister march in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington.   The event in our nation’s capitol is expected to have nearly a quarter MILLION participants. There are sister marches scheduled to take place in hundreds upon hundreds of cities across the country, so you can also take part and use your voice to demonstrate Unity and Equality for ALL.   I march for Women’s Empowerment worldwide. I march against Patriarchy and I march for Equality. I march for Peace. I march for Compassion,…

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    Take It Easy & Go With the Flow

    There’s tremendous freedom in giving yourself a much-needed break, dialing things back and allowing things to be easy.  Today, if you need a permission slip for a time-out, here you go:   Take it easy & go with the flow.  You’ll be back to hitting it hard soon enough!  ~The Blessings Butterfly Click to enjoy this peaceful video for 1 minute of you time.

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    The Thirtieth Blessing: I Am Free

    Blessing #30: I am Free “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” ― Charlotte Brontë I AM FREE! I am Free from anyone’s control over me. I am Free from all unhealthy relationships that once defined me. I am Free from my old addictions, and I am Free from my old unhealthy behaviors. I am Free from the old beliefs that limited me, that made me feel unworthy or incapable. I am Free to think, Free to speak, Free to love, Free to live my life exactly as…