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    (i double-dog dare you to keep reading): Hi! I am Michelle Lewis, and I am so in Love with the most wonderful person! Truly, madly, deeply, beautifully in Love… and oh my goodness, it’s actually mutual. Reciprocal. Magical! It makes me giddy, and it makes me believe in miracles. I spent waaaayyyy too many years in shitty relationships, settling for scraps and normalizing bad behavior. Accepting the unacceptable. Suffering abuse, betrayal, and a long list of other foolishness. And yes, there were a couple of good guys along the way, but heartbreak was my normal so cue the self-sabotage. Right?…

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    Amazed and Grateful

    OMG. She’s almost ready! We took another sneak peek yesterday of our house and so much more has been done. The sweet brick motor court is completed. Exterior is 95%. And inside, oh, my… I cannot wait to share what’s going on inside. It’s Beautiful. —— I am amazed and so very grateful for the life I have, and the Joy that I am a co-creatrix of. In my 20’s, my life was such a story of pain and struggle and desperately seeking to escape my suffering. It was a broken heart and a battered body. It was fear and…

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    The Self-Care Sessions: Part 1- DEAR BODY

    Loves, do you struggle with pain and/or a lack of love for the body you are living in? I have been studying the powerful and positive effects of self-love & self-acceptance for the past several years. One practice that has been so helpful to me is spending some time each day sending Love and Affirmations to my self, and the revealing & healing that takes place has been truly remarkable. Here is a gentle meditation for/prayer to my body that I would like to share with you: “Dear Body, Thank You for carrying me through this Life. Forgive me for…

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    A Moment of Truth

    Want a peek behind the veil? Today I had a moment of truth and clarity that froze me in my tracks. My cousin Nicole and I were in the midst of recording an episode for our podcast, and something we were talking about triggered a powerful message. I went blank as the divine download was coming in, and couldn’t speak in the moment. I held on, breathed through it, and waited until I could continue our conversation. It was deep, y’all! I knew I would need some time to process what was happening inside me, and gave myself the immediate…

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    #MondayMantra I Love My Body!

    Loving my body is a daily choice, independent of my dress size or the number on a scale. Taking good care of myself can mean many things: commitment to moving daily, eating foods that nourish and bring joy to my body instead of pain, speaking kindly to and about myself, tuning in to what signals my soul is sending. This mantra can help you focus on loving your body no matter what size or shape you are currently living in. “I love my body and take good care of her each day.” How are you choosing to take good care…

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    #FridayFeels: Fabulous 

    You, my darling, are FABULOUS. In every fiber of your being, the essence of exquisitely high vibration resides.  You are a Queen, a Goddess, a Diva, a Superhero, a Leader, a Visionary, a Rockstar, a Supernova.  The beauty that you own, that magic that is YOU, is unmatched & unrivaled. Nobody compares to you, so don’t waste another moment comparing yourself to another. Simply love. Simply be. Simply know that today, now, here, and forever- You Are Fabulous. ❤️ 

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    #Friday Feels

    Healthy! Confident! Brave! Strong! Annnnd a I have this sweet, fat kitty who loves a freshly warmed-up lap!  Bonus! Post-workout selfie with no makeup, a sweet sweaty glow, lumps bumps and curves doing what they do as I keep working hard towards my better-health goals. I’ve released 30 inches overall and a few pounds of fat that were causing me pain, through loving myself and gently moving my body. To be clear: Healthy Comes In All Shapes And Sizes.