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The Tenth Blessing: Adventure

Blessing #10: I am Adventurous

Last week, I got to ride in a Tesla. My (lucky!) boyfriend even got to drive it!  Not only is it a beautiful car inside and out, there is an insane burst of power from the instant acceleration. It feels incredible, much like what I imagine Superman feels when he launches skyward.

I am ALWAYS up for a new adventure! Whether it is going on an exotic vacation, or trying out a new restaurant, or challenging myself physically and facing a fear- I’m in. To conquer my fear of heights, I started doing some of my “bucket list” adventures while I was in my thirties. I started with rock climbing, then parasailing, then a zip-line, then skydiving. I still want to do a high-ropes course (I’ve done a low one) and I am looking forward to doing a massive zip-line tour in the Caribbean later this year. It’s more than just adding cool stamps to my passport, or making my Facebook profile more interesting, or having another you-will-not-believe-what-happened story to share; although those are all good.

I went skydiving for the first time with (most of) these people! I won’t call out those who didn’t get in the plane! 😉 I’m second from the left, rockin’ a short haircut. Lake Elsinore, CA 2008.

I used to think that my desire for adventure was because I got bored so easily, but now I don’t think that’s really the issue. It’s not at all about boredom. More and more, I’m realizing that there is just so much about this world and its citizens that I want to experience. Especially the more days I get to spend on this planet, the more I want to go, to see, to do. I want to taste and touch and smell and breathe and laugh and scream and stand in awe. I want to live my life fully, without holding back.  I want to be the free-spirited bohemian pixie angel warrior goddess badass that gives up my last breath after I’ve done everything I ever wanted to, and not one damn second before. And why not?

Yesterday I left you with a challenge to get one thing from your bucket list scheduled onto your calendar.

So— what is your one thing that you’re looking forward to now? It’s YOUR life. Live it baby! 

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